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Idea: open a massage parlor

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* Home
* How to Double Your massage parlor Business Income: The Basics
* How to Invest Less into Your massage parlor Business Marketing but
Get Far Greater Results
* How to Recognize Your Ideal Market
* Winning Tactic #5 - Charging the Right Price and Backing It Up
* ideas on how to change your massage parlor business potentials into
paying customers
* Quick Tips for your massage parlor Business
* Let Them Know How Great Your massage parlor Business Is
* 3 Ways to get more customers for your massage parlor business
* 4 more Ways to get more customers for your massage parlor business


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"Will Your Massage parlor Business
Some Massage parlor Businesses Make
Their Owners RICH, Others
Broke. Read This To Find Out Why..."

To: Current Massage parlor Business Owners and anyone looking to start
a Massage parlor Business,

This past year some owners have done financially well with their
Massage parlor Business while others went broke. Why? Studies show that
up to 73 percent of all small to medium sized businesses, which include
Massage parlor Businesses, will fail the first year they are in
business. Of the remaining start-ups, 67 percent of them will be forced
to close their doors five years from now. These are alarming
statistics. What this means for you as a Massage parlor Business owner,
is you could end up working countless hours but in the end, you've
WASTED your time and energy trying to build a successful business. The
personal money you may have invested is gone, and if you took out a
loan and are FORCED to declare bankruptcy, you may not be able to get
another loan for a long time. Any business owner who has gone through
the process of having their business fail has felt the humiliation and
the frustration of losing what they worked so hard for.

So why do some Massage parlor Businesses FAIL while others make their
owners rich?

We can ask this question not only with regard to a Massage parlor
Business but any business for that matter. Why does one business fail
while another succeeds?

My Grandfather Had The Answer...

As I grew into my teens, I continued to experience businesses closing
down and see the problems it caused for the owners. The pain, the
humiliation, the suffering...I could not understand WHY all these
places were going out of business. My Grandfather's business was
celebrating its 50th year anniversary. Why were THEY still in business,
I wondered.

What was their secret to success?

At the business's 50th year celebration party I asked my grandfather
why his business had lasted so long. Grandpa had plenty to be PROUD of.
He started the business from scratch right after he got married and it
was now doing business all over the world. It was making millions of
dollars, money which enabled him to afford every luxury for himself and
the family. Grandpa drove a slick Cadillac, went with my grandmother on
luxurious cruises, sent all their kids to private schools, had a
personal trainer, dined at expensive restaurants, gave a huge amount of
his money to charity...and of course bought his grandchildren, which
included myself, lots of expensive presents...

What was his secret to success?

Here's some of what Grandpa told me while he sipped his coffee:

"It Is Not ENOUGH To Be Good At What You Do,
If You WANT To Succeed In Business
You NEED To Be GOOD In Business...

...Bakers like baking bread, doctors like treating patients, and
dancers like dancing," Grandpa said. "One day someone gets the idea
'Gee, I should open up my own bakery because I make delicious cookies,'
or 'I really know how to dance and I want to teach people.'"
Unfortunately, these people are not skilled at actually starting or
running the business, and if they do have some idea, it is very basic.
They know everything about the products and services they want to
provide and they rush into businesses knowing NOTHING about actually
running a business at profit. They have spent twenty years dancing, not
studying business. Being very creative, passionate, and intelligent
about what you do is important but not always enough."

Grandpa must have known what he was talking about, because as I write
this, my grandfather, bless him, is approaching his 92nd birthday and
still goes to work almost every day if he's not out golfing. The
business he started has since celebrated its 70th anniversary...Oh, and
I may as well add that he goes to the gym, drives, plays cards, dances
and spend time at his holiday house. Now you may think that he built
all this at the expense of time with the family. Absolutely not - my
grandparents just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary! We are all
looking forward to their 70th anniversary, may God bless them both with
many more years and good health. (Sadly Grandma passed away in April

Why am I telling you all this?

...Because, I have been fortunate to have grown up surrounded by
business success; my grandfather, my father, my uncles, and their
business associates were always teaching me and showing me the ropes.
If you are like most, you probably have not had this opportunity. If
you woke up one day and decided to start a Massage parlor Business and
realize you know very little about business IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

I repeat: "It's Not Your Fault.

The reason businesses fail so much, as my grandfather taught me, is
because their owners don't know anything about business!

But why should they?

Does the average Massage parlor Business owner...
* Have a degree from the Harvard School of Business?
* Spend $10,000 to $25,000 to attend millionaire business conferences
that focus on the latest marketing and business strategies?
* Ever have the opportunity to learn about up-selling, cross-selling,
bundling, gaining referrals, collecting testimonials, creating a
unique selling proposition, generating leads, and the difference
between listing a product or service's benefits versus its

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT that you may not know the inner secrets to business
and marketing.

The First Step To Your Massage parlor Business Success is
Understanding Business; The Next Step Is...

Ultimately, a business NEEDS customers who spend money. No Massage
parlor Business can go bankrupt if there is a long line of people
wanting to GIVE it money. The number one key to success is getting a
loyal stream of customers who spend money with you. Any Massage parlor
Business that can do this has the foundation to grow. Sure you may need
to cut your overhead, manage expenses better, and hire or fire some
people, but at the end of the day you need money coming in.

So how do Massage parlor Businesses get their customers?

The mistake a lot of Massage parlor Businesses make is to use
traditional methods of advertising that are often no longer effective.
Everyone uses them. What you can have are far more effective and
lesser-known strategies to get new customers at close to zero cost.
What you will also realize is that sometimes the cheapest forms of
marketing are the MOST effective.

While some Massage parlor Businesses will WASTE money on expensive
advertising, you can get your customers much more cheaply and sometimes
by spending very little money. However, this is not to say that you
should not spend big bucks on advertising; you should spend the money,
but ONLY if it's working. If you are split testing to see where you are
getting the most return on your marketing and advertising dollars,
great! If not, you need to learn how to do this.

Many businesses like your Massage parlor Business may rely on word of
mouth to get more customers. This is a GREAT way to keep a healthy
stream of new customers coming to you. What is important is that you
maximize and leverage the potential of this.

...How do you get your current customers to give you referrals?

...What incentives do they have to recommend their family, friends, and
co-workers to you?

...Do you reward them in any way?

...Do you even actively ask for referrals (which, by the way, most
businesses don't) or do you expect it to just happen by itself?

...It does sometimes but why not make it all the time? Believe it or
not, there are over 50 ways (at least that I know of) you can get more
referrals for your Massage parlor Business.

If you are a Massage parlor Business owner wanting tremendous SUCCESS
it is critical that you promote your business in such a way that your
prospects and existing customers believe they would be COMPLETE idiots
to take their business to anybody else but you.

Bringing your customers to that conclusion will virtually eliminate the
competition, and allow you outright control of your market. The key is
giving people what they desire. Too many business owners never truly
find out what their customers want. But you can.

A Massage parlor Business owner of course needs to look beyond just
their advertising, marketing, and how they attract new customers. One
also needs to look at the numerous ways there are to PROFIT in the
business. These include things like: up-selling, cross-selling,
bundling, point-of-sale promotion, and memberships, to name a few.

A Massage parlor Business owner should also look for potential business
that is just waiting to happen. Every business has hidden assets. Do
you know how to uncover and PROFIT from your various hidden assets? If
you do, this could mean anything from a couple hundred to possibly tens
of thousands of dollars in your bank account. You could achieve this by
creating new products or services or perhaps setting up a host
beneficiary with other businesses, to name a couple of ways.

If you understand how to create wealth within your business it will
change your perspective - and your profit - for the better.

Here is something to think about: gas stations make up to 60% of their
revenue from selling soft drinks, coffee, and snacks. Bookstores make
most of their money from calendars, which have a very high profit
margin. And many dry cleaners have made a lot of money selling calling
cards. What this means is, that in order to make GOOD money in your
Massage parlor Business you need to think creatively. What else can you
offer beyond the current products and services that you have?

There are ways to figure this out that I'll share with you...

What Changed Everything For Me...

My grandfather was, and still is, a great business mentor who I am very
fortunate to have. But I am also lucky to also have a father who has
been in business for over 40 years.

...One day When I was a kid, I noticed, how, there was this one
magician/clown who performed at every birthday party, community
celebration, and school event.

I asked my father, "Dad, I don't get it. This guy is the worst magician
in the city! There are much better magicians around, so why does this
guy get all the work?"

My dad replied, "This guy is a GREAT BUSINESSMAN who knows how to do a
LITTLE magic, the others out there are GREAT MAGICIANS who know how to
do a LITTLE business. Son, if you want to succeed no matter what you do
in life, if you can think like a GREAT businessman you can do what you
love and make a lot of money at the same time. And if you are great at
what you do AND you know how to think like a GREAT businessman, you
will dominate your market and know incredible success."

I realized how fortunate I was to have a father and grandfather helping
me, and I found that I too enjoyed sharing what I knew. I also wanted
to ensure that none of my favorite places would go out of business... I
started giving free business and marketing advice to the local Pizza
shop owner, to my Judo sensei, to any restaurant I liked going to, and
so on...

One day my grandfather told me, "Andy, if you like helping people with
their businesses and this is really what you enjoy, why not study to be
a business consultant?"

I thought this was a fantastic idea, and spent the next few years
studying business and marketing consulting while running my own

I've traveled a lot in the last fifteen years helping entrepreneurs
start their businesses. I've seen some people create incredibly
successful Massage parlor Businesses all over the world by applying the
sound business and marketing advice that I shared with them...And I've
seen Massage parlor Businesses never make any money because they never
realize what it is they needed to do.

Any Massage parlor Business Owner Can Now Have A Financially Successful
Massage parlor

One day my friend Dan, who is a big online business guy, asked me why
don't I make some training programs and put them up online. "You've got
all this great business and marketing advice that business owners have
been using to grow their businesses incredibly, so why not share it
with as many people as possible?"

I liked the idea because it would give the opportunity to many business
owners to have business success. And this is really what I enjoy most,
helping business owners to make good money, mange the business well,
and still have time for their family and friends.

I said, "Dan I've got no clue about online stuff. What I know is hard
core business and what I like to do is help business owners have
incredible success."

"No problem," Dan replied. "You take all the information you've got,
the stuff that would take years for the average person to learn, the
stuff you charge thousands of dollars for, and we'll make it into a
training program to sell on line."

The question then was which business or businesses I should write the
program for. I have been a consultant to dozens of different business

I decided to take a handful of the most common businesses that I was
consulting to and write the programs for them.

...And so I did...

I know that people can have a very successful business that makes them
good money and have time for the family. I put a strong value on family
time because I grew up this way. My grandfather and father always say
'family comes first,' and they have always been TRUE to their words. I
understand this but unfortunately many business owners that I have met
with don't. And as a result they may create a successful business but
at what cost? Maybe they missed seeing their children GROW up or having
the time to pursue their favorite sport or hobby. With solid business
and marketing practice it is possible to have success in the business
like your Massage parlor Business and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

If what I've said so far makes sense to you and you are interested
learning more, keep reading...

"If You Give Me A Few Minutes A Day I Can Show You How To Build And
Manage A Massage parlor Business That Will...."
* Make your Massage parlor Business profitable so that you can draw a
healthy six figure income. At the end of the week there will be
CASH you can spend on the things you enjoy, more than just enough
to cover the bills.
* ENSURE your Massage parlor Business is not going to go bankrupt.
You don't need to fear one day you will lose everything - your
personal money invested, money borrowed, and time spent working -
because of a recession or some competitor stealing your business.
If you are applying the EXPERT business and marketing strategies I
show, you will constantly be earning money.
* Keep your Massage parlor Business running efficiently and smoothly.
It's no good owning a Massage parlor Business if you are working a
ridiculous number of hours with no time for yourself, your family,
or your friends. Do you fear taking a vacation because you worry,
'What will happen to the business?' Ultimately you want your
business so well organized that when you come back from your
vacation the business is doing better than when you left. Of course
this is not easy to do, but very achievable with a bit of

Is This Massage parlor Business Program For You?

If you are Jay Abrahams, Dan Kennedy, Brad Sugar, or an overall
complete genius when it comes to business and marketing, and now for
some reason you have decided to start a Massage parlor Business you
probably don't need this

If you have an MBA from a top university and you have spent the last
few decades studying business and marketing...and you spend thousands
of dollars each year attending business conferences and seminars...this
might not be for you.

If you have inherited millions of dollars and you don't actually care
about making money in your Massage parlor Business...you are opening
your Massage parlor Business just for fun, maybe as a hobby... and you
don't care about losing money, this program won't help you.

On the other hand, for most people this program will PROVE very

Read through the list below, and if you can relate to any of it I
highly recommend you get this program before you waste any more time or
money on trying things that have already been proven not to work.
* If you are planning on stating a Massage parlor Business and would
like to ensure your success right from the start.
* If you don't want to waste years making unnecessary mistakes trying
to figure things out by yourself.
* If you currently own or work in a Massage parlor Business and would
like to increase the profits.
* If you would like to ensure that you get more paying customers,
consistently and effortlessly.
* If you want to effectively market your Massage parlor Business well
in all areas, including: classifieds, flyers, yellow pages,
business cards, the Internet, etc.
* If you are serious about achieving excellence within your industry
and want to be viewed as superior to your competitors.
* If you understand that solid business practice and expert business
advice can make your Massage parlor Business successful.
* If you are Massage parlor Business owner struggling with personal
time management or time management within the business and would
like more time for personal relationships, a hobby, a sport, etc.
* If you have a specific business or marketing challenge in your
massage parlor business that you would like to address, for
example: how to get more referrals and leads, write better ads,
create a unique selling proposition, and so on...
* If you want to eliminate any fear of going bankrupt or being forced
to close your business because of the competition, and would like a
business that makes you a solid income...

Here is the Bottom line:

This program has a very good chance that it will bring you the success
you should have - And I want you to have it...

Why This Massage parlor Business Program Is
Different From
Anything Else Out There

Before you make the decision whether or not this is for you... I would
like to tell you 7 reasons why it is DIFFERENT from other programs.

Reason #1: It's a UNIQUE program that has been created SPECIFICALLY to
help Massage parlor Business owners grow their business from a business
consultant's point of view.

Sure, there are a lot of books and programs on how to grow your
business and even some specifically on how to start and open a Massage
parlor Business. But most of them deal with the same general business
information that will not make you wealthy. My Program is designed with
the single purpose of helping a Massage parlor Business owner achieve
incredible success.

I have spent many years learning all aspects of business and marketing,
and I'm very interested in helping business owners like you become
POWERFULLY effective when it comes to achieving business success.
I have put an enormous amount of energy and time into developing a
program that will enable you to deal with Massage parlor Business and
marketing issues quickly and easily... and help you obtain the RESULTS
you're looking for in achieving solid income and a healthy operating

You have my guarantee you will not find a similar program of this
quality that will give you the tools to make your Massage parlor
Business flourish.

Reason #2: This Massage parlor Business program was created by me,
someone SPECIALIZED in helping small business owners with achieving

Most people who put together books and programs on how to grow a
business are teaching very basic stuff like how to deal with employees,
what licenses you may need, and what insurance coverage you should get.
This type of information is IMPORTANT but will not give you incredible

I SPECIALIZE in business consulting to small businesses like your
Massage parlor Business. I have spent YEARS working and learning what I

This entire Massage parlor Business and marketing program has been put
together with one goal in mind: To help you achieve incredible success
in your Massage parlor Business... in order for you to have the life
style that you deserve.

When you go through this program and APPLY the tools I reveal to you I
can assure you that you are going to experience more success dealing
with all the business and marketing issues that really matter.

Reason #3: This program has the latest and best business and marketing
information out there, information that will get you incredible

I believe in my ideas for sure. But I also believe in the numerous
great ideas of other highly knowledgeable business and marketing
colleagues and gurus like Jay Abrahams, Dan Kennedy, and Brad Sugar,
all of them brilliant business minds. I have studied their stuff as

Inside this program, I'm going to show you a "blend" of many great
business and marketing ideas... that integrate the conventional and
unconventional. At least 90% of what is in this program will work for
you and give you 'WOW' results.

I believe in bringing you only the very best, along with my own
innovations and insights. Like it has enabled my past clients, this
combination will enable you to get the fastest and most consistent
POWERFUL outcomes.

Reason #4: This program will help you ACHIEVE a business mindset. You
will learn how to THINK like a successful Massage parlor Business

You have read this far, and I am going to assume that you KNOW, in
order to really become wealthy in your Massage parlor Business, you
need to think like a business person.

A few marketing techniques can be GREAT... but a great businessperson
goes way beyond that. When I work with my clients, sure I help them
with small details that pay off very well in their business. But more
importantly I have found that the greatest breakthrough ideas come from
the clients themselves once they understand the business fundamentals.

Your greatest ideas and the best advertisement will come from you, not
from me. You may have heard the old saying:

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and
you feed him for life."

Metaphorically speaking, I will teach you how to fish.

Once you know how, you will have the business tools that will enable
you to know success 'over and over' in your Massage parlor Business and
any business you may one day choose to start.

Reason #5: Everything I'm going to coach you through is REALISTIC,
doable, and ACHIEVABLE.

I am not going to tell you to spend a ridiculous amount of money to
advertise during the Super Bowl. What I teach is straight out and
doable for anyone.

The strategies you will learn WORK!

Ultimately you need to take what works for you and discard what
doesn't. But most of what I will show you will work for you because it
has worked for other Massage parlor Business owners.

Reason #6: All issues are addressed at the CORE; there is no patch

I don't want to waste your time.

I've seen enough people waste their time and money trying things that
didn't work. Perhaps sometimes they got some little bit of advice that
did achieve some results...I call this 'patch work.' With the business
and marketing knowledge that you will develop from this Massage parlor
Business program you will be able to get right to the heart of

For example: You don't want to get 'any' customers!

At the CORE, you want to attract the very best customers that will be
loyal, refer their family and friends, and not cause you problems...and
I'll show you how to get them.

You don't want someone to write you one good ad...At the CORE you want
to know how to make every piece of your marketing material powerfully
effective. This is what I show you how to do.

Reason #7: If you want, I will coach you on how to become an
UNSTOPPABLE businessperson who only knows success.

Most programs you may find on 'How to achieve success in your Massage
parlor Business,' will have been created by an individual who has owned
and operated a Massage parlor Business. This is good but not great. The
information that worked for him or her may not necessarily work for
you. You may be operating very differently.

The information I share with you is based on helping numerous people in
your industry, information that will work for you as it addresses your
own unique situation.

The program is filled with the latest information, most of which is
only known to the ELITE business and marketing world. Common business
owners who know this stuff may have paid thousands of dollars to attend
seminars and to consult with the top business and marketing gurus out
there...And you get it all...

Receive All The Information You Need
To Market Your Massage parlor Business Online,
Just For Trying This Program...

The world is now flat and you are competing with every other Massage
parlor Business that is marketing itself online. That is why I am
giving you as a gift just for trying this program a 127-page book on
"Marketing for Local Business on the Internet".

I realize how important marketing online is. I'll be honest; I'm no
expert in the online business world, so I paid a few thousand dollars
to one of the best guys out there to write this book on how to market
for local business on the Internet. Anyone operating in today's
business world needs to know this stuff.

It is PACKED with the latest information on how to build your website,
help people find your site, and how to market using social media,
email, Google maps, video, pay-per-click, and much more. You will also
learn to use analytics to optimize your sales and website hits.

This book is well written in an easy-to-understand format. The
information packed in here will save you from wasting hundreds to
thousands of dollars on building websites that don't get you more
business and on online marketing campaigns that get you few results. If
you are like me and thinking about search engine optimization and
social media marketing gives you a headache, not to worry, the book is
easy to follow and understand.

Previously I was charging $137 for this book, which I offered to my
clients...and I am giving it to you for FREE. It is a GIFT from me to
you just for trying out the Massage parlor Business program, if you
order NOW...

Here's What You'll Get...
* You will receive the latest business and marketing information at a
fraction of what it would cost to pay a private business
consultant. To hire me or any good business consultant one-on-one,
you are probably looking at $300-500 an hour.
* You will get the full Massage parlor Business and Marketing System
for Radical Results program with highly VALUABLE information on how
to grow your Massage parlor Business, valued at over $397.
* The program will give you the information and tools you need to
transform the way you think about business and marketing.

It has taken me years of studying, testing, and being involved in
consulting to get this information. I have spent thousands of hours
reading business and marketing books and attending dozens of seminars
over the years...and of course there are the countless hours I have
worked one one-on-one with Massage parlor Business owners.

I'm very pleased with this program... because it will enable you to
accomplish a business mindset MUCH FASTER than any other method I know
and at a much smaller investment.

I want to help you experience incredible success in your Massage parlor
Business... and for you to be part of the statistics of businesses that
do well and not the businesses that go bust.

"If $4,803 Worth Of Business Consulting For Free Was Not Enough...Wait
There's More!"

Since creating this program I have put together two more programs for
my clients.

Some of my clients were saying "Hey Andrew, you're teaching us some
great marketing strategies but maybe you can write out an
easy-to-follow guide that we can use every time we prepare an
advertisement or piece of marketing material..."

As a result I put together what I call 'Your Five-Step Guide to
Successfully Advertising Your Massage parlor Business'

You will receive this manual that gives you a five step process on how
to develop an ad that will always get you results. My Massage parlor
Business clients who follow this get more prospects and their marketing
will always stand out in a competitive crowd. The information contained
here is based on the latest developments in the advertising industry.

...And wait there is more...

This Information Made Me Go 'Wow'...

I may have been studying business and marketing my entire life, and
helping people with their businesses, and the great thing is, I'm still

One must never stop learning...

A year ago I was at a business seminar and this guy gives me his
card...now let me tell you, it was the coolest business card I have
ever seen. I found myself showing it to everyone...I'll probably never
throw it away. This gave me an 'Ah ha' moment.

Imagine creating a business card that your prospect will never throw
away. Imagine them showing your card to everyone they know!

And so I got cracking at my research and put together:

'How to Win With Your Business Cards.'

After you read this you will never look at a business card the same way
again. You will see opportunity to market just with your business card
and be amazed at how much business your card can bring you. This is an
area that people know almost nothing about and after you read this
manual you will go 'Wow'...

I may soon start charging a couple hundred dollars for the 'Five-Step
Guide to Successfully Advertising Your Massage parlor Business' and for
'How to Win With Your Business Cards.'
But in the meantime you can still get these as two FREE bonuses with
the Massage parlor Business program

That's $733 of information for only $197.
This is less than what it would cost for
one hour of business consulting
to your Massage parlor Business.

"Decide Now To Ensure Your Massage parlor Business Is A Success And
That You Earn A Solid Income With Less Effort."
Click Here to Order with a 60 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back

Why Are You Giving All this Stuff Away?

Some of my colleagues think I am nuts to give away this much
information at a ridiculously low price...but there is reason behind
this insanity...

The material I cover in 'The Massage parlor Business and Marketing
System for Radical Results' program is based on what I would work
through with a Massage parlor Business owner in the first 10-20 hours
of consulting. So why am I giving all this stuff away at less than $200
when I could be making a lot more working one-on-one with a Massage
parlor Business owner? Good question.

There is only one of me and there are thousands of Massage parlor
Businesses owners like you who want to be successful, more than I could
ever consult to. Also, even though many owners would love to have the
advice of a professional consultant, a small business on a budget
simply cannot afford this luxury.

So I've put together all the information from a normal set of
consulting sessions and you can have it all within minutes after you
finish reading this.

I Am So Confident That After You Go Through This Program You'll Notice:
* You have gained years of business knowledge within a very short
time. This knowledge you will apply to your Massage parlor
Business, which will help you find potential markets, products, and
services that you may have never thought of before. These new areas
could easily double your business's revenue.
* You have developed time management skills that enable you to work
in your business for as much or as little time that you choose.
* You will also have your business organized so that you can take a
vacation when you want to and remain self-assured that the business
will run well in your absence.
* You can locate your top prospects, turn them into customers,
extract as much money from them as possible, and keep them loyal to
your Massage parlor Business.
* Your business has multiple streams of revenue.
* Other Massage parlor Businesses start copying your marketing
because they see it is working for you.
* With a single glance you can tell a good ad that will make you
money from an ad that is not worth wasting the money it will cost
to print.

"You Can Have The Information And Tools That Will By The End Of 2011
Make You A 'WEALTHY Massage parlor Business Owner' And Not A 'Bankrupt
Massage parlor Business Owner.'"

Ask yourself what it will cost you over the next week, month, and year
if you do not get a program like this. How much money will you waste on
advertising that does not work? How many potential customers could you
lose because of mistakes, and will you be able to compete in an
ever-evolving market growing more difficult by the day?

If you get just one idea that you can implement tomorrow that will
bring you 5-10 more sales or a few more customers, then is this course
worth it to you? Think about the cost of a business and marketing
consultant. Investing less than $200 for a training program that gives
you all the key information without paying the hourly rate really is a

A year from now when you have a very successful Massage parlor Business
earning you good money, you'll be looking back on this as one of the
most profitable decisions you've ever made. You will be well on your
way to building a market-dominating business complete with a sense of
purpose, deliberateness, and passion.

I want you to experience what it is like to have a very successful
business that runs like a dream. And now it's up to you to make it
happen. Don't let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

"I'm convinced that this is the most realistic and comprehensive
program to show Massage parlor Business owners how to manage a very
profitable Massage parlor Business." -T.W., Miami, FL.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing about your success.

Click Here to Order with a 60 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back

Your Friend,

Andrew Bates

P.S. - This Massage parlor Business and Marketing program is filled
with the latest information that will give you the tools to QUICKLY
transform your Massage parlor Business so that it makes you a
six-figure income, keeping you far away from going broke. You'll be
AMAZED at just how fast you feel your business and marketing knowledge
building and see the revenue begin to build. This program contains
EXACTLY what you need to create an incredibly successful Massage parlor
Business. I am confident that this program will ensure your success and
I guarantee that it will work for you as it has for so many others.
P.P.S. - If you're unsure, why not try it risk free? I've got a good
reputation to maintain in the business-consulting world, and if you are
not completely satisfied you've got my 60-day money-back guarantee. I
want you to have your refund if that's what you want. But more
importantly you deserve to at least give it a try...a program that will
bring you success.

Here is What Others Have To Say...

(The names have been changed to just initials for privacy):

"Thank you for putting this program together. I've read quite a few
books to help me with my business and a while ago I paid a consultant
$4,000. I feel that what I learned from you was worth more than the
money spent on the consultant and much of what I've read in the books."
R., Sydney, Australia.

"When we first started out we were working long hours. We had little
time for ourselves or to spend with the family. We worked, worked,
worked and the business was operating in the red. We did not realize
that business needs to be learned. We bought a few books and got some
advice from our business friends, which taught us a few things but we
still made thousands of dollars of mistakes. We were failing. Thanks
for the information you shared with us. Things are running more
smoothly. We aren't stuck all the time dealing with daily crap. We have
almost doubled our incomes that we draw from the business. We are
planning to take the kids to Disneyland this year for a long overdue
vacation; now we at least have the money and can get away from the
business. We've been seeing our client base grow, oh and your stuff on
time management helped a lot. Thank you!" G. and F., Brooklyn, NY.

The 'Bates' 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Now I'd like to explain why this system is totally risk-free...I'm
putting a solid 8-week money-back guarantee on the Massage parlor
Business Growth and Marketing System program for a good reason. I am so
confident that your business will grow from applying these strategies
that I would rather take the risk on my own shoulders and let you try
it all out risk-free for 2 months... that's 60 days!!

...And that leaves it up to you whether you decide to pay for it or

I know that you will get more customers, referrals, and sales from this
proven system, which is why I don't get many refunds. I understand
that, even if the price is right and even if you know the potential
benefits, it can be hard to get yourself to take action on a thing like
this. That's why I want to knock down these barriers and at least give
you the chance to give this a fair shot and see for yourself how this
program can make you a successful Massage parlor Business owner.

(A long, solid, and no-hassle guarantee is the only way I know to
really do that for sure.)


I've made it simple for you to get your Massage parlor Business and
Marketing System today!

Important: There are no catches, never any monthly charges, no
B.S....you get everything 100% as shown here, for a tremendous bargain.
Systems are individually licensed via our End User License Agreement,
and you may not resell, give away, nor redistribute the training
material content that's included in any way (including any website),
nor republish nor in any way reveal what's taught, because it's
proprietary information (Ha! But why would you...the last thing you
want is for your competitors to know what you know... which is a
problem for me, because I will explain you about how to get loads more
business through referrals and all about how important referrals are in
growing your business wealth...and of course I don't expect to get any
referrals from you, because the last thing you will want to do is tell
any other Massage parlor Business owner about this system...oh well...)
Order your Massage parlor Business Marketing System NOW so you can put
it to work - today!

Yes, I'm ready to get my Massage parlor Business and Marketing
System now!

[DEL: Normal Price $197 :DEL]
For the Month of .
Get this incredible program for a ridiculously low price of $47.
This program will more than pay for itself!
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(All Orders Are Processed On A 100% Secure Server)

NOTE: These products are downloadable e-books. No physical products
will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to
download the e-book and your two bonuses onto your computer. The e-book
format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on a Mac or PC.


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